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Why Us

Adio technology was invented to offer patented solutions for audio advertising delivery. Advertising takes many forms, but Adio technology is designed to deliver complex systems packaged in a simple solution that delivers integrated data in a way that allows consumers with products and services of their choice. To manage this, the patented technology explicitly covers the transmission of an inaudible tone enabled audio file.

This unique form of advertisement based on the SAAS platform demonstrates why it's ahead of its time with an opted-in platform integration that provides advertisers with the perfect solution to enhance their current advertising forms.

In this century, innovative advertising is paramount for advertisers to earn a high return on


To maximize conversions, Adio technology capitalizes on an artificial intelligence-enabled interface that delivers targeted with specialized offers customized to user and device preferences. 

Choosing your digital advertising partner is not easy. You want to understand who you are trusting with your information and consumer data. What makes us your ideal solution to digital advertising?

  1. We have a patented platform designed and managed by experts in data security, intellectual property management, and mobile marketing.

  2. Our digital platform runs in a secure setting, and your consumer data is safe with us. Only you can access your integration and software implementation.

  3. We use targeted intelligence to help your business acquire new leads, grow conversions, and enhance sales and business growth.

  4. Our SaaS is an enhancement of the current forms of advertising designed to promote conversions and increase your business ROI.

  5. With the opt-in only feature, you can deliver content to your consumers without any data or privacy law concerns.


Our Core Values

Advertising Solutions - Offer advanced advertising solutions to advertisers and help ad agencies enhance brand awareness for clients.

Fulfill Purpose - Help clients monitor their brand's performance and improve user experience with targeted ads that can translate to an improved bottom line for the company.   

Forward Thinking - Offer progressive advertising options that provide obstruction-free advertising achievable via concurrent transmissions to multiple devices.

Omnipresent Ability - Provide advertisers with the ability to present their products before consumers on demand, without relying on internet connectivity.

Consumer Satisfaction - Help clients develop relationships that make a positive impact in consumers' lives by providing shopping convenience.

Disruptive - Dare to present a better future for clients’ services and products.