Advertising, Marketing,  and Exhibitions

Transformative technology conveniently and seamlessly offers 2 way communication with consumers.

  • Embed ADIO packets into media content that provide purchase suggestions and information to consumers' phones.

Digital Rights Management

Next-gen digital watermarking and digital rights management solution for the Film and Music industries.

  • Embed ADIO packets to track and identify the utilization of copyrighted media without degrading sound quality.


NFT Protection

Unequaled levels of creator/owner identity verification and NFT/asset authentication.

  • Embed ADIO packets establishing a unique authentication and ownership digital watermark.

Safety and Security

Advanced levels of information delivery further safeguarding and securing important digital and physical assets.

  • Embed ADIO packets to provide information to first responders' devices.

  • Embed ADIO packets to provide additional layers of security to packages and other physical assets.

Layer 8.png

Celebration of Life

Revolutionary creation of gravesite metaverse.

  • Embed ADIO packets in media and digitized artifacts to loved ones.