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Businesses that need to connect with consumers should adopt new disruptive technological innovations to improve their relevance and engagement. Our patented digital platform gives you the right tools to enhance the quality of your advertising.

Our SaaS-based platform aims at providing solutions that improve user engagement with your products. You can, therefore, use our platform to grow your conversions. We employ inaudible sounds to send encrypted information to consumers' devices to deliver relevant advertisements according to their opt-in criteria.

Below are some of the key benefits of relying on Adio technology;  

  • Advertisers can send out special offers or alerts meant for consumers to a device from any location.

  • Advertisers have the option to create user requested or targeted content and send it out customized content to each device.

  • Advertisers have infinite advertising implementations meant for any network or app

  • The technology can embed on any device equipped to receive tones and be used in any audible transmission.

  • Advertisers can market to small and large groups with specialized offers customized to user and device preferences and also allow users to select from a range of coupon or alert preferences

  • Users can request specific data or offers by searching for the presence of an inaudible tone