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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand how Adio works, we have created some common questions among our clients. In case you do not find the answer you are looking for below, do not hesitate to contact us. We will readily and gladly help you to understand what we do and how we achieve our goals.


How does Adio work?

Our technology relies on inaudible tones embedded in sound (music, movie audio, commercials, etc.) to communicate between a consumer's smart devices. This method delivers coupons, advertisements, or desired content to a user's smartphone based on what they are listening to or watching.

How do you find targeted consumers for the ads?

Our technology uses AI to detect, analyze, and transmit tones between devices with microphones. The system determines the type of commercials a consumer watches and the duration they spend on the advertised products. There is also an opt-in that the consumer uses to declare the type of information they would love to receive.

Is this method legal regarding users' privacy?

We offer a SaaS that is fully GDPR compliant. All users must consent to the playing of inaudible tones on their devices to determine the type of content we send them. We do not collect data from random people. Only consumers who have subscribed to the inaudible tones on their devices can receive the adverts or content.

Will ad delivery delay if the consumer is offline?

No. The digital advertising method does not rely on the internet. We deliver content when a device picks inaudible sound according to the user's interests.