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The First Hyper Targeted Advertising Platform Powered by Inaudible Tones

Adio's Advertising Platform Gives Marketers Access to Revolutionary Martech Software


Expand experiential marketing through an untapped and unprecedented scale by seamlessly integrating with Adio's SaaS.



Built for Advertisers:  advanced KPI optimization to drive targeted consumers  to take desired actions and build more accurate consumer profiles.


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Take control of the Inaudible Spectrum and unlock the new dimension of Advertising. We work with clients to develop and execute specific strategies for every campaign.


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Adio's advanced software and team uses their data-driven approach to create custom, best-performing marketing copy and imaged embedded with Inaudible Tones.

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About Adio Technology

Adio is an innovative technology firm that enhances user experience and product recommendation through low tone frequency advertising delivered through mobile, streaming, television, radio or other forms of media communication. As an ad-driven monetization platform, the Adio technology embeds inaudible tones with information regarding the audio file in the audio file. This audio file may represent songs, advertisements, mp3, and many more file formats. In addition to audio content, the audio file may also include video, text, data, augmented reality, virtual reality, or other content.

The ad content transmitted by the inaudible tones can be inserted in any part of the soundtrack without compromising the quality of the recording or audio file. The inaudible tones may be added at the time of creation, distribution, or post-production intended for use in broadcasting.

We use targeted ads delivered through artificial intelligence to match the right ads to consumers. The inaudible tones make it easy to find consumers who are most likely to engage with your products. Without the need of internet accessibility, customers can access the information or product directly on their devices when they engage with specific applications or watch commercials.

Our patented technology makes it possible for advertisers to cover the transmission, detection and capture of inaudible tones used for advertising or any desired content transmitted to  smartphones to make it is easy for a customer's phone to pick the right message based on what they watch on TV, the services they check out on social media, and their shopping trends.

As a software technology, Adio is serious about data safety. As a marketer or advertiser, utilizing Adio Technology will ensure that you have nothing to worry about since we rely on encrypted streams to deliver information. You will use an opt-in integration to gain consumers' consent so that you only serve interested customers to enhance conversions.

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