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The Problem We Solve

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Broadcasting Technology Today is:

Targeted Advertising Technology Today is:

Struggling with tolerance of commercial breaks

Streaming focused and

on-demand dominant

A one-way communications channel

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The Solutions

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Advertising and product placement in a silent and consumer centric approach that embeds into any audio broadcast or transmission.

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Makes broadcast communications a 2-way consumer communications channel allowing for automated consumer engagement and conversion.

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Enables the bundling of

multi-media campaigns in a single

analytical and reporting interface.

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Requires neither connected

power nor network to perform.

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Data transmitted and collected by

ADIO travels on sound and reaches

as far as sound can be heard.

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Our Evolution
Customizable AI Enabled Tone Management

Upgrading legacy content and production systems via ADIO data packets addresses a
$100 billion+ market in the process of connecting consumers with products and services.

US Patent 10,460,709 in effect until June 26, 2038:
Enhanced System, Method, and Devices for Utilizing Inaudible Tones with Music.


Artificial Intelligence enabled Inaudible Tones

“What products & services do you want?"

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Targeted intelligence

“Here are the products you’ve seen in the movies/media you’ve watched.”