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How It Works

Our platform delivers individualized content that immediately increases engagement over any communication medium using patented ADIO® data packets

Content Creation

Self-service content creation allows businesses to easily create

and execute any campaign.

ADIO® packets can be delivered in real time or time released through television, streaming, music and other forms of media communications.


Compliance and Security

Multi-layered solutions meeting identity verification, privacy and data sovereignty regulations.

Cybersecurity provided by White-Hat Ltd.

Consumer App

Consumers have the opportunity to opt-in to interact with content.

Non-invasive ADIO®  technology provides two-way communication between you and your target audience.



Experience our innovative SaaS technology accessible on partner sites and apps.

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage ADIO® data warehouses and registries to gain real-time visibility into consumer engagement.

ADIO® provides you with metrics and analytics to inform your campaign's effectiveness and future communications.


Digital Rights Management

Sumerian®, powered by ADIO®, shares a mission to empower songwriters, producers , and other content creators  with wealth creation through technological innovation.

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