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How It Works

Our platform delivers individualized content that immediately increases engagement over any communication medium using patented ADIO   data packets


Content Creation

Self-service content creation allows businesses to easily create

and execute any campaign.

ADIO   packets can be delivered in real time or time released through television, streaming, music and other forms of media communications.



Compliance and Security

Multi-layered solutions meeting identity verification, privacy and data sovereignty regulations.

Cybersecurity provided by White-Hat Ltd.

Consumer App


Consumers have the opportunity to opt-in to interact with content.

Non-invasive ADIO  technology provides two-way communication between you and your target audience.



Experience our innovative SaaS technology accessible on partner sites and apps.

Reporting and Analytics



Leverage ADIO  data warehouses and registries to gain real-time visibility into consumer engagement.

ADIO  provides you with metrics and analytics to inform your campaign's effectiveness and future communications.

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