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Nathaniel Bradley

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Nathaniel Bradley is the co-founder and CTO of ADIO    Technologies. He is an expert and highly respected tactical leader in the data, financial, and technology sectors.

With more than two decades of innovative leadership experience, he has led numerous companies to success and acquisition, such as Hipcricket for more than $44.5 million and JAGTAG for $5.3 million. Mr. Bradley was also involved in the acquisition and consolidation of internet radio operations at Augme Technologies, which he founded in 2010.


As an internationally recognized pioneer and inventor Mr. Bradley's portfolio includes several phonetic and navigational solutions patented as AudioEye (NASDAQ:AEYE), a company founded by Mr. Bradley, which is to date recognized by the American Foundation for the Blind as the leader in Internet Accessibility technology. Mr. Bradley received the Edison Gold Award (Edison Universe) and was a finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Southwest region for this invention. He served at AudioEye as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Innovations Officer and Director.

Among his other successes are the creation of technology, business, and patent portfolios for multiple private and publicly traded companies such as Voice of America, Inc., MARA patent group, Radio Pilot, World Talk Radio, and BoomBox Radio. Mr. Bradley’s patent portfolio is among the most cited in the QR mobile marketing and advertising space and was acquired by Upland Software (NASDAQ:UPLD), a $700 million company.

In addition to being a gifted inventor and proven thought leader, Mr. Bradley has held leadership roles in a number of other companies. Among them are Chief Technology Officer for Marathon Patent Group and Founder and CEO of ADIO   , an audio powered data packets advertising platform.


Mr. Bradley holds a business and marketing degree from the University of Phoenix and an IT marketing degree from Northern Arizona University.


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